Joint Venture Success like Beales and Macys

I was having coffee in our local Beales (a department store)  Founder: John Elmes Beale in 1881.  This store was the first in a major chain in the UK.  Beales were the first ever store to put a Santa in store. Mr Beales was good friends with Mr Macy.  They helped each other out, they shared business plans and strategies.  John Beales son spent two years working for Macy’s New York.  Both of these stores were successful.  And Both are now successful chains.  Macy’s having done allot better with over 700 stores compared to Beales 30. Macy’s is known for its […]

Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Alexa Rank Battle for Top

I was introduced to Facebook When in my first University.  I instantly saw its power.  it was simple and a bit boring to begin with.  Yet it was the fastest site that I had ever used and extremely user friendly.  Although plain and boring unlike its competitors, Facebook was personalised very fast. Within about an hour or two I had my Facebook setup to the same as both my Myspace and Bebo.  It took me about a year to get Bebo and myspace how I liked, but with Facebook I had everything done in two hours. For my age group […]

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Peaches Geldof Dead RIP

I just learned that someone I met only once has just been found dead.  RIP Peaches Geldof has been found Dead.  I am very sad right now.  I do not claim to know her as a friend. When I first went of to Uni I met her briefly and she was a very nice person. TV presenter Peaches Geldof, second daughter of musician Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, has died aged 25, leaving a husband and two sons. “We are beyond pain,” said her father, confirming her death. “She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all […]

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GetResponse Manage Team

GetResponse have announces An upgrade to GetResponse 360, if you have ever wanted to grant access to your employees or your outsourced personnel but been uncomfortable handing over your passwords.  Then, well, this is the upgrade you’ve been waiting for.  And if you don’t already have Getrespons, now is the time to get it. When trying to manage an online business we all want the same or similar sorts of things.  We want to make money, we want to have more spare time, we want to be successful.  Well this feature has just made it that little bit easier to […]

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E2M Solutions RE-Brand / Launch

Overview E2M Solutions Self Proclaimed Fastest growing Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Agency.  Have rebranded and re - launched.  Is this the best move? Too Good To Be True You make your name shorter and easier to remember and you instantly make more money and have more fame. Getting Started Personally I don’t think so.  This company has made a name for themselves as E2M Solutions and now they have tried to rebrand as E2M.  Unfortunately, their website remains  e2msolutions .com/.  If you head over to E2M .com You find yourself at haskell .com/e2msplash/index.html with a message about their aquasition of this domain. […]

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Disavow back links google page rank

Disavow back links Page Rank is Google’s opinion of how important a page is based on the incoming links.  Disavow tool lets you tell google to ignore a link from a site to yours. Why are my Disavowed links still showing up in google webmasters? Well put simply the links are not deleted, more made irreverent to you.  Like when you add nofollow to outgoing links.  Disavow sort of adds nofollow to the inbound link. You can add disavows at any time.  For whatever reason. So if you suspect that someone has been messing with your site and you know […]

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Google Search Ranking What Matters

When searching for ways to rank in Google better there are a lot of theories but not a lot of practical studies.  For this reason I have decided to take it upon myself to disregard all of these theories and compare the top listings of a google search term.  I didn’t put much thought into this post but intend for it to be an on-going study.   The Search term was ‘how to rank in google’.  This was because I wrote an article about this topic previously and also, I thought it was a little ironic. In this post I will be looking […]

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NEGATIVE SEO Doesn’t Work!!

Negative SEO Overview I’m going to do a case study on why Negative SEO doesn’t work based on someone who asked for my help.  I have had a lot of questions regarding Negative SEO so I am doing this case study for the benefit of anyone that may not yet of realised it. Things you’ll learn Effects of Negative SEO How I dealt with slander online If negative seo really works Things you’ll need to Know How to read Analytics What negative seo is Too Good To Be True If you slander someone on they will be seen as bad and […]

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Overview This is a guide to the basics of SEO.  Google focused instructions on how to rank in google, how to improve your ranking.  And how not to get banned. Things You’ll Learn How Google rank pages What Google Like What Google Hate How to rank in Google How not to rank in Google Things you’ll need to Know How to set up a webpage How to use SENuke How to use SEO Power Suit How to use SEM Rush Too Good To Be True Getting ranked in Google on the top and you will get tones of traffic. Multiple free […]

My Refferers and Top Posts

Ok here it is My refferers and Top Posts for today. I have been working fairly hard on this site.  I haven’t really done any promotion per say.  What I have done has been very White Hat. I have done a bit of forum comments on the blackhatworld one of which in particular gained a lot of attention around me not being the seo kid.  How I could not have been doing SEO in 1997 … To those people I say I did start in 1997 I remember because, it was the year I moved to England and the year that Tony […]

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